Custom Law Enforcement Motors

Custom law enforcement motorcycles by Hollister Power Sports
Honda ST1300P law enforcement custom Custom law enforcement motorcycle by Hollister Power Sports
Hollister Honda ST1300P law enforcement motorcycle for the Berkeley PD. Custom law enforcement work on this Honda ST1300P law enforcement motorcycle.
The Santa Monica PD have their own specification custom motorcycles. Underneath it's a Honda ST1300p
Law enforcement motorcycle. Blues and reds on Law enforcement motorcycle. Blues and reds on
We can light 'em up like a Christmas tree Any color you want, as long as it's blue and red :)

Let us turn your bike into a work of art.

Two-tone, candy colors, pin striping or even custom art will create a unique look for your ride.  Our customization experts will work with you to create a masterpiece and bring your vision to reality.

Call us today about customizing your ride into an eye-catching one of a kind

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